Aussie Indie Con 2017

Last saturday was the very first Aussie Indie Con here in Sydney. This is something that as soon as it was announced I have been peeing myself with excitement. As I have mentioned before I have a nasty chronic illness that normally keeps me at home, but I was determined to go no matter what! Seeing as it was such an exciting day I didn't take many photos, but I thought I would share with you the small amount that I did.  

It was held at one of the rooms in the National Maritime Museum - right by the water at Darling Harbour. Super pretty place to be! And with the added bonus that Vivid was still on (although I had gone home by the time the lights were on so no photos, but I'm sure it was pretty!).  

There were a bunch of classes and demonstrations throughout the day. I was lucky enough to get myself into the watermarbling class with Cathy from More Nail Polish. I have been reading her blog ever since I first got into nail polish many many years ago and am a big fan, so it was so exciting to be able to meet her and learn from her. We got to use some of the Pastel Pet Names range from Pretty Serious. I still have a long way to go before I master this, but I did learn a few good tips and tricks to help me. I just have a lot of practice so I can become a watermarbling witch.

This is my token haul picture - 56 polishes in total, including the ones that came in the VIP bag. I also get my sticky fingers on one of the Pretty Serious tshirts which I was delighted are super soft and nice and long (us busty girls need that!!!). There were quite a few exclusive polishes that were only available on the day, but I think my favourite thing were ll the lucky dips that some brands had that were filled with different sample shades. I got some bottled magic! Now I just need to buy another helmer to fit them all and grow a few extra fingers to wear them. 

And last of all here is a picture of everything that came in the VIP bag. I was so amazed at how good it was! A tonne of exclusive polishes (I will start swatching them on IG soon - be sure to follow me @onemorecoat), an adorable pen, shot glass for all this acetone and watermarbling needs (Or just drinking), a nail file, melts, bath bomb, stamper, holo sticker, and a bunch of discount  vouchers to use on the day. This was seriously better than Christmas!

So this was seriously one of the best days of my life. I just hope my health gets better enough to get more involved in the future - hopefully this will happen again next year! If you weren't able to make it, I highly suggest checking out all the indie brands who were there as many are selling the exclusive polsihes online for a short time and you don't want to miss out!

Nail Lab Swatches

I recently was lucky enough to get sent some polishes from the Nail Lab - which is a boutique nail salon in Sydney. All the polishes I have are just lovely to work with, smooth to apply and very opaque. Each of my swatches is 2 coats, although some of these polishes you could get away with a single coat.
The only downside is that they currently only ship within Australia - sorry to any international peeps, but if you are an Aussie and you're after some kick-arse solid colours, then I highly recommend checking these out. Visit The Nail Lab's website for more info.

Madison: A classic super opaque red. Very sexy!

Diana: A gorgeous silver glitter that's perfect for layering. This is 2 coats over a nude polish.

Lawrence: A super dark shimmery navy blue. 

Dita: A vampy dark red that in the shade can almost pass for black.

Reuben: A blue/green shimmer, it almost looks like it has been layered over black by itself.

Buddy: A super opaque silver with lots of shimmer. This is possibly my favourite and now my go to silver.

Favourite Mani Products

So I thought I would share with you all some of my favorite items for nail care that I just can't live without - things that I never bother putting away, they just live out on my mani table waiting to be used!
OPI Shiner XL: Of all the buffers I have ever used, the OPI ones are the ones that I just keep coming back to. I love the quality and I have been using the same buffer for years and it still works perfectly!

Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover: This magic blue bottle is amazing at softening your cuticles for removal. You apply a little dab of it and a minute later it's ready to go!

Cuticle Pusher: Ok I got suckered into buying this because of the pretty colours - who can resist? But it is a handy little device to have around to remove stubborn bits of cuticle and I also use the pointy end for the occasional polish clean up as I'm painting.

Mont Bleu Nail File: Once again this item is just so stunning, but it also works wonders for filing. The perfect grit to take loads of nail off without feeling rough and gross. I've also been using this file for a few years now and it still works perfectly.

CND Solar Oil: Pretty much any cuticle oil will do the job, this just happens to be the one living at my mani desk because it's easy to obtain and smells like almonds.

Out The Door Top Coat: I know most people prefer Seche Vite, but this is an top coat that is easy to get, dries super quick and glossy, and best of all has no shrinkage!

UNT Ready for Takeoff: I can never get this peel off base coat to last more than a few hours, but as someone who loves to play with nail art ideas and likes to swatch, it's my nails best friend.

Gelicious Peel-Off Base & Top Coat

 So I have been looking for ages for the perfect peel off product. For ages I used PVA glue mixed with water, which was great for swatching, but you can't get more that a few hours wear our if it. So I also bought the Unt Ready for Takeoff, which I know everyone thinks is magical, but for me I just can't get it to last more than half a day before my nails start popping off.

So seeing as a good friend of mine donated me a heck-tonne of Gelicious polishes, I decided to grab their Peel-Off Gel Base & Top Coat (Link here if you want to check it out) when I found it on sale on OzSale. Yes it is quite a bit more exspensive than other peel off products on the market, but my goodness it is AMAZING. No randomly popping off nails. You apply it like normal gel, cure for 30 seconds and them colour away. I've gotten a weeks wear before I got sick of the colour and took them off. To take them off you need to soak your fingers in warm water then carefully pick at a corner to make the gel lift and then it peels right off. I know you should never mix and match your gel products, but seeing as I was desperate to put some chrome over the top I needed a no wipe top coat, so I can testify that it still totally works if you just use it as a base coat and use a different top coat.
So when it comes to wearing gel now I am a total convert. I highly recommend checking this out if you also hate the whole buffing/acetone business of gel.

Glow in the Dark Gel Nails

I have a really quick post today, and if you follow me on Instagram (and if you don't, go follow me @onemorecoat) you would have seen this already, but I made the most amazing discovery that I needed to share. So I bought some glow in the dark powder off eBay with the intention of mixing it with polish. I did try mixing it with polish but was a little underwhelmed with the glow pay off, so I thought hell, why bother with the polish at all? So I painted my nails with a white gel polish, and with the sticky layer still on, I dipped my nail straight into the glow powder and HOLY GLOW BALLS it's amazing! Like glows in the shade kinda amazing. Seeing as I can't leave my nails alone I did stamp over the top.

Here is a linkylink to the glow powder that I bought. And I have since bought a bunch more colours - so expect an update when they arrive.

Applying nail foils

Hi all! I've had a few people contact me in the past for help applying nail foils, and as it has taken me a long time and a lot of trial and error I thought I would write a post on exactly how I do it. Please ignore my nubs - I broke a nail and am still sulking about it. If you haven't mastered this yet, I suggest starting with a foil that doesn't have any images or complicated patterns. Simple holos are the easiest in my opinion. Let me know if it helps or if you have any other suggestions!

 Step 1: Paint your nails in a colour that is similar to the foil you want to apply. This is Gold Rush Fever from Ulta3.

Step2: Cut your foil into small squares the size of your nails. This is the most important step - you won't get a smooth application if you try to use is straight from the roll.
Step 3: Apply a layer of the foil glue. You want a thin enough layer to dry quick, but you need to apply enough to ensure you have full coverage.
Step 4: Place one of the squares of foil in the middle of the nail, then rub from the middle to the outside of the nail. This will ensure you get as few wrinkles as possible.
 Step 5: Apply another layer of foil glue.
Step 6: Apply another layer of nail foil, top coat and you're done! Be sure to use a top coat that won't wrinkle the foil, so no fast drying top coats! Gel polish works the best for this.

Below are some manis I have done using foil. The first 2 are using this method, the 3rd one is just using one coat of foil, and the last one was done as a distressed mani, which was achieved by applying straight off the roll and not applying the glue all over the nail.

Born Pretty Store Stamping Polishes

I've mentioned before that I've had good experiences with the Born Pretty stamping polishes, so I thought  I would put up some stamping swatches done on white and black paper for you so you can see yourself. Seeing as I am a bit lazy I only did one take of each so some are a little smudged or haven't picked up properly, but I assure you that's a reflection on my crappy stamping skills, not on the product themselves. Considering these are even cheaper than my old go to, the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri polishes, they really are worth picking up for your basic colours. The polishes don't actually have colour names or numbers written on the bottles, but I'm sure you can work out which colour is which.