Glow in the Dark Gel Nails

I have a really quick post today, and if you follow me on Instagram (and if you don't, go follow me @onemorecoat) you would have seen this already, but I made the most amazing discovery that I needed to share. So I bought some glow in the dark powder off eBay with the intention of mixing it with polish. I did try mixing it with polish but was a little underwhelmed with the glow pay off, so I thought hell, why bother with the polish at all? So I painted my nails with a white gel polish, and with the sticky layer still on, I dipped my nail straight into the glow powder and HOLY GLOW BALLS it's amazing! Like glows in the shade kinda amazing. Seeing as I can't leave my nails alone I did stamp over the top.

Here is a linkylink to the glow powder that I bought. And I have since bought a bunch more colours - so expect an update when they arrive.

Applying nail foils

Hi all! I've had a few people contact me in the past for help applying nail foils, and as it has taken me a long time and a lot of trial and error I thought I would write a post on exactly how I do it. Please ignore my nubs - I broke a nail and am still sulking about it. If you haven't mastered this yet, I suggest starting with a foil that doesn't have any images or complicated patterns. Simple holos are the easiest in my opinion. Let me know if it helps or if you have any other suggestions!

 Step 1: Paint your nails in a colour that is similar to the foil you want to apply. This is Gold Rush Fever from Ulta3.

Step2: Cut your foil into small squares the size of your nails. This is the most important step - you won't get a smooth application if you try to use is straight from the roll.
Step 3: Apply a layer of the foil glue. You want a thin enough layer to dry quick, but you need to apply enough to ensure you have full coverage.
Step 4: Place one of the squares of foil in the middle of the nail, then rub from the middle to the outside of the nail. This will ensure you get as few wrinkles as possible.
 Step 5: Apply another layer of foil glue.
Step 6: Apply another layer of nail foil, top coat and you're done! Be sure to use a top coat that won't wrinkle the foil, so no fast drying top coats! Gel polish works the best for this.

Below are some manis I have done using foil. The first 2 are using this method, the 3rd one is just using one coat of foil, and the last one was done as a distressed mani, which was achieved by applying straight off the roll and not applying the glue all over the nail.

Born Pretty Store Stamping Polishes

I've mentioned before that I've had good experiences with the Born Pretty stamping polishes, so I thought  I would put up some stamping swatches done on white and black paper for you so you can see yourself. Seeing as I am a bit lazy I only did one take of each so some are a little smudged or haven't picked up properly, but I assure you that's a reflection on my crappy stamping skills, not on the product themselves. Considering these are even cheaper than my old go to, the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri polishes, they really are worth picking up for your basic colours. The polishes don't actually have colour names or numbers written on the bottles, but I'm sure you can work out which colour is which.

Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy

I recently got sent a bunch of Revlon products to play with, including some of the Colorstar Gel Envy polishes that I've been eyeing off for awhile. So I thought I would give you some swatches of the colours and I did a bit of a road test to see how long they would last compared to gel.  All the swatches are 2 coats and coated with the Gel Envy top coat.

Win Big- this is a super shimmery copper polish with pink tones. It's very shiny and pretty.

Long Shot- a red creme that leans closer to a burnt orange.

High Roller - a very deep purple creme.

Dealer's Choice- a pretty green/blue with a small amount of silver shimmer.

Vegas, Baby- a pretty pink with a blue shimmer

Wild Card - a vivid blue creme

So I painted my first and middle fingers with a gel polish, and the ring and pinkie with Vegas, Baby topped with the Gel Envy top caot. I prepped both the nails in an identical way. Seeing as I normally change my polish every single day, I was purposly hard on my nails to see what would happen. So I washed dishes with no gloves, did some gardening and cleaned the appartment. Normally doing this normal polish would only last a day before I got some kind of chipping so I was actually really impressed with how it held up. If I was a bit more caredul I think I would have easily gotten a week of wear out of it. Even so it held up well until day 4 when  I got one bad chip and I just had to take them off.


Born Pretty Reviews 2

Today I have another installment of things I have been given to play with by Born Pretty Store.  Once you get over the super slow shipping times, this store is just a haven of nail goodness.

First up is some neon glitter over Sinful Colors I'm Blushing and China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy. 1 Box Fluorescent Nail Sequins Round Glitter Paillette Tips Manicure Nail Art Decoration YZ01-12 (# 38025) style #2

Next are some cute tiny dolphin sequins These cute little guys are super bendy so you can actually get them to sick down to the nail. They didn't pop off at all - I ended up picking at the nails before they got damaged. 1 Box Nail Sequins Glitter Paillette Sparkly Transparent Blue Manicure Nail Art Decoration (# 37652) style 7

I've said it before but the Born Pretty stamping polishes just work so well!!! This is the white one over Gloss n Sparkle Melodious. 1 Bottle 6ml Born Pretty Stamping Polish Nail Art Varnish Nail Plate Printing Polish #4 (# 27269)

I'm a total crazy cat lady, so I couldn't resist these water slide decals.... They're so cute 😻 1 Sheet Water Decal Lovely Cat Meow Pattern Manicure Nail Art Transfer Sticker (# 37889)

Lastly is some holo powder - I've had some disasters buying cheap knock offs in the past, so I was stoked to get some that actually worked. This is the cheapest I have found that really gives you that holo effect. It's soooooo shiny! This is OPI Sapphire in the Snow with a no wipe gel top coat for the powder. 0.5g/Box Holographic Laser Rainbow Powder Chrome Pigment Manicure Nail Art Glitter (# 38218)

Be sure to use my discount code if you are buying any full priced items from Born Pretty Store!

Born Pretty Store Reviews

Good morning everyone! Over the past few months I've been getting sent products from the Born Pretty Store to review. To be honest I have been buying from them for ages now so I was stoked to be asked. So I thought I would put together a few posts featuring the products that I've used on my Instagram (@onemorecoat). 

First up are these adorable icecream water decals. It's still rather hot here in Sydney so it's the perfect summery mani. Decal Icecream Pattern Manicure Nail Art Transfer Sticker 122 (# 34842)

 Next up is a squishy stamper. Now I've used a lot of stamping products in the past, but I have to admit that after getting this stamper and some of their stamping polishes I am now converted and now need to buy every stamping polish I can lay my hands on, it really does make a massive difference. Christmas Nail Art Stamper Starry Sky Silicone Head with Scrapers Manicure Nail Art Set (# 36395)

 As I said I just love using stamping polishes now, and these really are quite cheap and they work so well. The smears you see in the design have nothing to do with the quality, they are user error (lol). 6ml Born Pretty Stamping Polish Varnish Nail Plate Printing Polish #1 (# 27266)

 Last up for this post is a nail foil - I have to admit this looked nothing like the picture they had on their website, but it's still super holo and very pretty. So I had to try it over both dark and light. Sheet Laser Nail Art Sticker Creative Pattern Mysterious Starry Sky Decals (# 32274)

If you want to order, be sure to use my code to get 10% off full priced items!

Mermaid Powders

Mermaid powders seem to be one of the new fad powders around at the moment, and I am so OK with this! I think these are the prettiest things around. However if you are like me and are super cheap with everything, you've likely been disappointment with some cheap knock off powders from eBay. So here I wanted to give you a comparison of some cheap powders that I've gotten and the really good stuff as well.
Here is a comparison of the cheap powders. Each one is applied over one coat of white gel polish and top coated. As you can see there isn't a lot going on with most of the colours, although I can see there would be potential if they were layered over other colours. Number 5 though is the closest to what I was expecting with a pretty blue shimmer and pink shift.  Note that the particles are quite large for a powder in this one.
Colours 3, 4 and 5: in white pink and blue

 This is powder number 5. You can really see the shift and it is quite pretty, so if you only want to spend $1 on this fad, this would be my pick of all the powders out there. However as you will see below it still pales in comparison to the good powder.
 This is the magical powder that I kept hoping the cheap polishes would look like. I eventually caved and bought the Indigo powder from the UK on eBay (link here), This is just the original powder over two layers of white gel polish. Note that  you can buy this polish in Australia but you need to be an actual nail technician to do so. Even though this cost a LOT more than the cheap powders (This worked out with postage to about $14aud) I think it is totally worth it. I never want to take this off my nails!